Meet your employee of the year – your sales page.

Which of these best describes your current sales page?


Your potential clients feel like they're being followed around a sticky, smoky bar by a balding elderly man.

"Hey, I just saw you standing there . . . can I ask you a litany of questions and then make a proposition you're definitely not interested in?"


Your clients feel like this is the 784th DM they've received from that girl from high school who randomly pops in to see if they want to buy/host/participate in their MLM. 

"Hey, girl! So . . . want to buy this product you didn't ask for and that I haven't explained the benefit or value of?"


Your clients feel like a small, angry toddler is following them around with purple sticky fingers (no one knows why) demanding you say YES to wearing their underwear as a hat.

"Do it now."

Sales pages can be hard.

You have to appeal to all kinds of people, hit on the right pain points, and avoid writing copy that feels sleazy, slimy, or gross. 

And if you're relying on your sales page to, you know, make sales, this can all be really frustrating. 

But what if you stopped . . .

  • Writing and rewriting and then screaming that one word your six-year-old is going to remember and repeat forever. 

  • Missing out on (lots of) money because your sales page is the copywriting equivalent of C-SPAN (or brimming with industry mumbo jumbo).  

  • Freaking out because you know you have a life-changing service, but you can't seem to put it into the right words.

  • Guessing where to put calls to action and pain points and benefits and features and . . .

Pen pic website.png

And what if instead your sales page . . .

  • Made sales 24/7/365 forever and ever, amen?

  • Positioned you as the expert you are and established trust with your potential clients?

  • Resonated so deeply with your clients, they wonder how on earth you read their minds?

  • Was so persuasive, your clients couldn't hand over their credit card details fast enough? 

  • Didn't feel sleazy, slimy, salesy, or gross?


You can have it all. 

You can have all these things when we work together to craft a sales page that showcases your phenomenal service or course, establishes you as the expert who can help, and uses persuasive language to get clients to say YES. 

(And not a begrudging yes. We only want Holy Macaroons YES!)


And speaking of . . . 

Pen pic website.png

"When I realized that Black Friday was approaching and I’d done nothing to get together a sales page for my offer, I turned to Hannah. She knew how to ask the right questions to get the important information out of my head. She took those details, captured my voice, and turned it into a killer sales page that netted several thousand dollars in sales on a 48-hour offer. If you’re looking for a sales copywriter who gets you — and who can get you sales — Hannah’s a smart choice."

– Abbi Perets