Email, meet storytelling.

What if you sent emails that actually sounded like you, connected with your audience, and positioned you as an expert? 


What if you could take your life experiences and stories and turn them into emails your list gobbles up?

What if you (finally) sent emails that got customers to say YES without making you feel sleazy, slimy, or like the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

The About YOU Section


You are great at what you do. The stuff of myths, legends, and fairy tales. 

Or . . . you could be if you had the right systems in place.


You thrive off crafting services and programs that change lives. This isn't a job for you – it's a vocation. 


And if we're honest, you don't really have a choice. You were born to do this work – to serve your people. 


You were created for this.

It's your mission to serve as many people as you can with your skills, gifts, and abilities. And you've proven that you can do it! Your testimonials are ridiculously good

Isn't it time to amplify your message and start making sales on autopilot?

But isn't email dying a slow, agonizing, clawing-on-to-shreds-of-importance death?

Yes, but only if you . . .

Email only if .png

What do you get out of having an evergreen funnel for your services or course?

Best Choice
Best Choice
Best Choice
Best Choice
Best Choice
Best Choice

More money in your pockets, spandex, glove box, sock drawer – wherever you keep the goods! (All. On. Autopilot.)

A segmented, hungry list ready to snatch up your incredible offers. (By the way – segmenting? It can land you nearly 75% higher open rates. Absofreakinglutely we're doing that!) 

Get back to doing what you LOVE and stop cursing at your cursor. (The neighbors can hear you.) 

Emails that sound exactly like you. (I am all about strategies that work, but this isn't a plug-n-play Madlib that I swiped from Reddit. Your people trust you and your voice. So let's stick to that!)

A strategy that meets your clients' needs where your competitors leave gaps. (Journalist-level sleuthing and meticulous market research!)

A business buddy who sees and believes in your world-changing vision. (What are we doing? Helping 100,000 women? Seven-figure sales? World domination? I'm game, my friend.) 

Pen pic website.png

The Excellence-Making Process





Book a call with me. I want to hear all about your project and make sure we're a perfect fit! 

We craft a game plan, map out the investment (payment options available!), and handle some (quick & easy) paperwork. 

We have a kickoff call where I get everything I need to write your sequence, and I get to writing. 

I meet the deadline we agree on and make any changes or edits! 

I want to have work you LOVE. 

Email copywriting investments begin at $2,000 because of the time, intensive research, and high-level strategy and I dedicate to every single project. 

My retainer email packages start at $1000/month for 4 emails/month and can be customized to fit your unique business needs.

All my stats hail from the 2020 Hubspot Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics and Statistica. Thanks, y'all.