Turn your client praise into new business with bulletproof case studies. 

94% of people look at reviews and social proof before they ever make a purchase.

And when customers are thinking about purchasing, case studies get them to the next stage 42% of the time. 

If you get amazing results, and your clients love raving about your services, a case study could turn them into your best salespeople. 

"I loved Hannah's energy and enthusiasm when we connected. And then, when I learned about her journalism background, I knew she was the right person to trust this case study to! I knew it would require finding the right angle, digging into some numbers, conducting interviews – all things a journalist would be well-equipped to do. It was such a thrill to read the case study. Because Hannah knew what questions to ask and framed things so well, it came out really well! I’m so proud of the results she highlighted. Don’t hesitate to hire Hannah! Having case studies to use and re-purpose is so, so valuable for a service-based business. And Hannah is really good at researching and crafting them!"

– Jana Osofsky

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What can you do with a case study?

Besides wowing potential clients with a story and visions of the fantastic things you can achieve together . . . case studies are one of the hardest working and best content pieces for ROI. 


You can reuse them for (deep breath) – blog posts, testimonials, email storytelling, the basis for videos or podcast episodes, snippets for social media, content for newsletters, a selling/training tool for your team, lead magnets, webinars, reports, infographics, white pages, and so much more. 


In short, case studies truthful, third party endorsements with tangible results, and that means they'll bring in leads and drive revenue for YEARS (we're talking decades) to come.

The Process

1. We have a discovery call. 

We'll hop on a 20-minute Zoom call so I can understand your

needs and goals, and so we can determine if we're a good fit.

2. You fill out the kick-off brief

This questionnaire will give me most of the information I'll need to

complete a case study that works like a full-time employee for your business.

3. Introductions

You introduce me to your fabulous client – a quick email is perfect.

4. Get back to what you love doing!

I'll use this time to interview, write, research, edit,

fact check, and get client approval.

5. Get your case study.

I'll send over the completed case study – error free and on time.


"I love the case study Hannah created for me. It looks so professional and really does a good job of showcasing my client's transformation. Hannah is extremely organized, efficient, and professional and went above and beyond to create a really positive experience for both my client and me. It's obvious she really cares about the work she does, is passionate about it, and does a great job!" 

– Rachel Olstad

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But . . . what if my results aren't good enough for a case study?

I could give you a million reasons why I'm positive your results are good enough. Instead, check out what one of my case study clients had to say. This is from Jana Osofsky:

"For many entrepreneurs, it can be really hard 'get out of your own head' and write a case study. Mindset issues come up. You think, 'Is my work good enough? Am I really getting the results I tout in my marketing? Is it okay to really lean into those good results and “brag” about them?'

This was totally me with this case study. Hiring Hannah to write it took all that pressure off of me. If I hadn’t outsourced this to her, it may have never been written! (And I’m so glad it did!)"


Because of the time, care, and effort I put into each project, case studies start at $1000.