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I'm Hannah, and I teach entrepreneurs how to create genuine connections with their audience, establish their expertise, and make more sales by harnessing the power of storytelling for their online business.

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“First off, Hannah is a rockstar copywriter, like the best ever. When we first started working with Hannah, we instantly could tell how detailed she was; she was truly engaged with what we were saying and what we needed, but not only that, she truly cares about us — as people. She takes the time to really get to know her clients. After writing for our business for the first time, we got chills reading our welcome sequence. She managed to nail our business message and our personal stories down to every last detail. This mother of twins is like the mother of dragons copywriter you ABSOLUTELY need in your life. 100% out of this world recommend her!"

– Mary & Alyssa, Chicly Creative  

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Whatcha fancy?

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I want to share my story with my audience

Tired of buying all the templates, planners, and courses to create content that strikes (the RIGHT) chord with your audience? Feeling kinda inauthentic?


I have really good news. You already have everything you need to create those genuine relationships with your audience. The kind of relationships that get them to know, like, trust AND buy from you. 

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I want to turn my client praise into new business

Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. You do amazing work. Your clients love you (duh). Let's take their raving testimonials and turn them into new leads and more sales. 


Hey, hey!

You created an amazing business, and you love helping your people. But you're struggling to really connect with your audience and get them from curious to customer without feeling salesy or gross.


You're in the right place, my friend.


I am hellbent on helping female entrepreneurs share their stories and create genuine connections with their audience that lead to sales.



Strategy & storytelling. I love both. 


How’d I end up here? And what does all this mean for you?


The story involves a pirate, a severed toe, and at least one cannibal.